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Building on community-based strategy to address COVID-19 vaccine education and equity

Efforts will increase access to vaccinations for vulnerable communities and advance vaccine education while combating hesitancy

We're working on community-based strategies to address potential inequities related to COVID-19 vaccine access in vulnerable communities and rural areas. The strategy includes proactive patient outreach, community-based partnerships and education-focused awareness, all aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Reaching the widest audience possible

This extensive communications effort will educate the public about the importance of, and work to build confidence in, COVID-19 vaccines with the goal of increasing vaccination uptake. We also plan to use our 100+ institutional touch-points to increase awareness.

Education from trusted sources

Building on these efforts, Serturner will also conduct outreach to patients in vulnerable communities over the coming weeks and months with text messages and emails featuring messages from pharmacists to encourage vaccination and address hesitancy.

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