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Celebrating Pharmacists and All They do to Elevate Patient Care Every Day!

This year’s theme aims to showcase pharmacy’s positive impact on health around the world and to further strengthen solidarity among the profession.

Those pharmacists that work in larger chain drug stores will likely engage with a high volume of customers and provide services that enable patients to successfully manage their illnesses and get fast access to the medications they need. Supporting a larger volume of patients means pharmacists must juggle a broader diversity of needs.

On the flip side, those pharmacists in specialty pharmacies develop a unique expertise in managing more complex medical treatments and patient care. Their understanding of pricing structures and rare disease management becomes paramount in order to help patients with their potentially life-saving treatments. No matter where a pharmacist works, it is evident that their day-to-day job goes far beyond putting on the white coat.

And that certainly has been true throughout the outbreak of COVID-19, where pharmacists have become even more critical, with many assuming a frontline role. They’ve offered COVID-19 tests at their stores and have stayed open even during the most critical times to ensure they never stopped dispensing daily medications to the most vulnerable. That’s why, for this year’s Pharmacists Month, Serturner is prouder than ever before to honor these heroes.

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