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Launching our Consumer Healthcare Division - Dr. Serturner

At Serturner's Consumer Healthcare (OTC) division, we are driven to improve everyday health for around 1.4 billion Indians, so that they can take charge of their everyday health, and the health of those they love. Dr. Serturner will have a world-class portfolio of category-leading global brands.

Through our broad geographic footprint and portfolio of leading and trusted brands, people can get well, be well and stay well by taking charge of their everyday health, and the health of those they love.

We aim to help improve your daily health making a real difference in lives everywhere.


Nikalson Karan Massey, Vice President, Sales & Marketing (Dr. Serturner) said: Today is an important milestone for Serturner as we formally introduce Dr. Serturner to the world. Led by our purpose - to deliver better everyday health to humanity - Dr. Serturner is strongly positioned to play a vital role in a growing, more relevant sector than ever.

Exceptional portfolio of category-leading brands

The division will offer brands and products in the categories of analgesics, nutrition, allergy, and respiratory. These include brands like Femyron, Eazofast, Endu, Setril, and Serturner's Protecto. To further advance our efforts to ‘Make In India’, these products will be manufactured locally in the country. As a health company, we put people first, we exist to deliver better everyday health to humanity. But as well as delivering trusted products, we are committed to making everyday health better for people and better for the planet

About Serturner

Serturner is a science-led healthcare company. For further information please visit

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