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The unrecognized Heroes in the medical world: Celebrating World Pharmacist Day

When we think of pharmacists we often think of people who fill our prescriptions or recommended over-the-counter medicines but there’s so much more than that. Pharmacists are ultimately healthcare problem solvers. So to honor and promote the role of the pharmacist in improving health all over the world, we celebrate World Pharmacist Day on 25th September. This day also spread awareness about the importance and role of a pharmacist. This year’s theme is "Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world“.

The day is to celebrate the services done by pharmacists across the world. It also reminds us to pay tribute to all those pharmacists who are providing services with kindness and empathy, especially at the time of the pandemic. This year’s theme aims to showcase pharmacy’s positive impact on health around the world and to further strengthen solidarity among the profession. The role of a pharmacist has been even more critical after the outbreak of COVID- 19. They’ve offered support at their stores and have stayed open even during the most critical times to ensure they never stopped dispensing daily medications to the most vulnerable.

That’s why, for this year’s Pharmacists Month, Serturner is prouder than ever before to honor these heroes.

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