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Our mission towards society is to increase the accessibility and affordability of medicines that help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. But our vision – to improve health in the 21st century – demands that we do even more.  We believe it is our responsibility to do more. ​

Our Mission

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Our distribution center stores branded, specialty and generic pharmaceuticals, plasma-derivative products, vaccines, over-the-counter medications and other health care-related items. Our process is supported by our comprehensive inventory management tools, practices, and systems.

Specialty Distribution

Providing an outstanding customer experience starts with having the right products and services when you need them most. We combine our distribution capabilities to deliver unmatched service and optimal efficiency for our customers. Through proven expertise and tools, we unite providers with manufacturers, strengthening the business foundations of specialty care, delivering end-to-end efficiencies and clinical excellence.

Inventory management

Leverage the power of data to manage, organize and order your inventory using just in time buying improving efficiency, reducing expenses, with the ability to monitor trends for future  Inventory management powered with data enhances customer equity and improves ROI.

Supply Chain Consulting

Serturner delivers innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that to clients enabling profitable growth. Our expertise includes planning, logistics, fulfillment, operational excellence and lean, procurement and digital supply chain transformation. Our solutions are flexible, sustainable and robust.

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