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How we’ve Advancing Healthcare Delivery

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Our solutions positively impact how quickly and effectively patients access their medications.

Distributing 100,000 SKUs across India is no small feat, especially when we complete countless deliveries per day, and countless healthcare workers lean on our solutions to administer better care.

That’s why we’re constantly evolving our suite of distribution solutions and innovating our medical supply chain methods.

We highlight a few solutions in particular that advanced the speed and accuracy of our drug delivery capabilities so providers can access their medications with ease.

Faster Ordering: The process of ordering and shipping medications from our distribution centers to places of care is a complex endeavor. Enter - launched last year to reduce the time taken to order and improve efficiency. Includes advanced ordering, which increases functionality, and management. We continue to add features based on our customers’ needs.


COVID-19 Response: We know we have a critical role to play in making medications and supplies available to customers and patients when they need them. We play an important

role in healthcare delivery and it is something we take seriously every day — even more so now as the world faces this healthcare challenge. We are committed to continuing to supply our customers and protect the safety of our employees during this unprecedented time. From AD syringes to carriers to critical pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we ensured our customers needs were met within time.


Delivering the Right Products at the Right Time: The final stage of the supply chain – delivering medications and products to our customers – is often the most critical. Our providers count on us to maintain the quality of products while in transit and ensure they arrive at the right location at the right time. And we continue to be focused on ways to improve visibility into delivery times. Alongside our partners, we’re able to capture real-time data from couriers as they make deliveries.


Connecting Patients to Life-Changing Medications: With our extensive network of pharmaceutical companies, Serturner is revolutionizing speed to therapy, creating transparency, and removing barriers for patients along their wellness journey. And for patients who have struggled to get the medications they need, our solutions like MedSupplyManager bring not only the hope of speeding up access to these treatments but also of turning their feelings of frustration and defeat into those of encouragement and promise for the future.

We do all of this and much more as we pursue our mission to to improve health outcomes for all. Serturner is committed to better health.

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