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Improving product access

Updated: May 26, 2020

Essential medicines save lives, reduce suffering, and improve health. But to do so, they must be available and affordable, of good quality and properly used. India has made tremendous progress in the pharmaceutical sector and medical tourism but faces mindboggling shortfalls in healthcare delivery to its population. Free provision of essential drugs to all patients accessing public health facilities, would bring huge savings to the patients, and is the easiest and quickest option to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the poor.


We want our medicines and other health products to be accessible to everyone who needs them, no matter where they live. We spend a lot of time working with suppliers and raw material manufacturers to reduce costs. Our products are affordable and available to more people in the country through responsible pricing and strategic partnerships.


The pricing of pharmaceutical medicines is an important topic around the world. We understand patient concerns about the affordability of healthcare. We price our medicines according to the outcomes they bring to patients, providers, and payers while being sensitive to market and societal expectations.


Serturner Brands

We deliver private label medical-surgical supplies at competitive prices, with the quality and features you expect and need in today's rapidly changing environment.


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