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Telehealth in the Time of a Pandemic

Routine healthcare looks a little different in the light of a global pandemic.

During this time of increased restrictions and distancing, many are using technology to bridge the distance between provider and patient. Through the use of services like telehealth, providers are helping patients stay on care plans, which often include medications.

While necessity forced the hand of many to take a ready-or-not plunge into telehealth, the benefits of the service should arguably make it a mainstay after the pandemic dust settles. In a 2019 survey, half of the patients indicated the ability to communicate through videoconferencing would increase the likelihood of choosing a provider. The survey also indicated patients with complex needs seek out virtual care more often than others. Telehealth can also bring healthcare options to patients in rural areas they might otherwise not be able to access.

While the current need for virtual care may evolve into a convenient option when stay-at-home orders lift, it may remain a literal lifeline for certain populations who never before had the option.

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